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YML Yandex Market

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The extension exports products of your Magento store to Yandex Market easily and quickly (


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Extension Details


    We are ready to update and customize our old solution for you with 200$ cost* 

    *because the extension isn't valid anymore.

    Yandex Market is one of the most popular services in Russia for offering your products. It is similar to Google Shopping.

    Our extension allows you to generate automatically YML file with products for Yandex Market.

    YML file is a file containing the key information about all products at your Magento store. It is uploaded to Yandex Market and the service displays your products in the lists of offers for purchase.
    It's difficult to make correct YML file manually and to fit all the rules of Yandex.Market at the same time.

    Generation of YML File occurs very quickly. At that, the generation process is parted into the smaller processes, due to which the generation of the file even for 200000 products makes no problem.

    Since Yandex require each product was presented as unique, the plugin automatically excludes the duplicate product pages that are found in several categories.

    Extension features:

    • publish products of your Magento store to;
    • automatic export file generation by cron;
    • export manually;
    • filter category or any attributes;
    • set up the competitive price at;
    • track balance of your store;
    • limit the set of published products;
    • analyze your store for improvement of your sales at Yandex.Market.


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    Help and Support:

    Additional service:

    1. free skype manual;
    2. free support;
    3. free upgrades.


    Do you think YML Yandex Market extension could be enhanced with a certain feature? You are the reason we build extensions, and you make our extensions better.


    Please, feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]


    Ask our support for installation the module by e-mail [email protected]

Ask About
    If you would like to customize this extension or if you will need any help, please, feel free to ask, no matter if you have bought it or not.

    Version 2.0

    • Filters was added to the extension. They determine which goods will be displayed at Yandex.Market
    • The possibility to choose price and currency is added.


    Version 1.0

    All goods from website are displayed at Yandex.Market.



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