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Google Translate Extension

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Show your website in more than 50 languages using Google Translate. 

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Extension Details


    Translate extension for Magento functionality

    Magento default locales are not able to translate your CMS Pages and Product Descriptions automatically in real-time. Google Translate extension lets customers view online stores in their native language. From now on, you don’t have to translate every single page of your websites for foreign visitors. All you need to do is just to set languages that you want to interpret in your online store in the admin panel. You can also disable this feature at any time.

    Our extension DOESN'T rewrite any core files, like other extensions with the same functionality.

    Google Translate Extension Features:


    • Choose any design of links (flag images or drop-down);
    • More than 50 languages support;
    • Translates the whole website’s content;


    Please, see MANUAL for Website Google Translate.


    1. Install this extension as usual one via Magento Connect Manager. 

    2. After that, you have to get Google Translator Code.

    • Go to and click Website Translator setup wizard.
    • Specify the URL of your website and default language.
    • Click “Next” and choose languages, which you want to use at your website.
    • IMPORTANT: In “The display mode” field select "Only dropdown".
    • Click “Get the code”.


    Google Translate


    3. Paste the received piece of code into the code of your webpages.

    4. Leave the “Google Customization Code” field in the Magento Admin area alone or enter random numbers (System -> Configuration ->{MagenMagic}Google Web Translator). You need to complete this field anyway, don't leave it empty.

    5. Choose the necessary languages. 

    Usually, all customers would like to set up a custom design for language icons. You can find these icons in \skin\frontend\base\default\images\flags. You can design them the way you like. The only thing you should keep in mind is that they should be in PNG format and have the same name as the language code. (English = en, the name of the icon = en.png)


    Google translation extension settings


    Displaying Languages in the Language Bar:

    Add in the <default> tag of googlewebtranslator.xml file the next code:

    <reference name="store_language">
    <block type="core/template" name="gwt_links" template="magenmagic/googlewebtranslator/links.phtml"/>
    </ Reference>
    After that, in the template of this bar (languages.phtml file), it's necessary to paste the code in the right place:
    <? Php echo $ this-> getChildHtml ('gwt_links')?>

    Top Bar Removal 

    Add css to your style.css file or any existing css file to remove top bar.

    .goog-te-banner-frame.skiptranslate {display: none !important;} body { top: 0px !important; } </b>


    If your developer needs to make any changes at design or set up language selectors in any other place - please, take a look at magenmagic/googlewebtranslator/links.phtml. You'll have to use this part of code: <getChildHtml('gwt_links') ?> to set it up in any template

    Take a Look at How it Works and Looks Like on the Next Websites 



    Translation extension for Magento with Google module


    You can add any style to languages' icons


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    Help and Support

    Additional services:

    • free skype manual;
    • free support;
    • free upgrades.

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Ask About
    If you would like to customize this extension or if you will need any help, please, feel free to ask, no matter if you have bought it or not.

    Version 1.1.0

    Design of links: added an ability to choose a design of links (flag images or dropdown)


    Version 1.0.1

    Bug fixed. Improved support for websites with non-English default language.


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