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Change simple product to configurable on Magento Zoom

Simple product to Configurable Link

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Change simple products to configurable ones in a Magento store by placing a link in a catalog. When your customers see a simple product and click on it, they open a page with configurable products.


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Extension Details


    Simple to Configurable Product extension allows customers to go to configurable products on your website by clicking on a simple product. It helps users to see more product options, in comparison with simple product pages. Every next page reduces the chances to convert users into buyers by 20%. That's why it's so essential to showcase more products on a single page. Magento configurable products make it easy for a customer to order goods. Users don't see all available product's colors or sizes on a simple product page. It requires extra clicks which provides a poor user experience that frustrates customers.  

    Show your customers simple and configurable products in your catalog, but force them to land on configurable ones.


    The extension is extremely simple in use. All you need is to:

    Go to System>Configuration>MagenMagic extensions>Simple to Configurable

    Enable the extension, and it starts to work!

    Help and Support

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    3. free upgrades.

    Feature request

    Do you think our Simple Product to Configurable extension for Magento needs improvements? Feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]


    Works well with Mass Product Description extension!

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