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Shipment Dimensions Bulk Editor

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Allows to change 100+ products dimensions for correct shipping costs.

Do it in 3 clicks! 

Extension Details


    Shipment Dimension Bulk Editor for Magento will help you to set parameters for shipping of a group of products. The core of the functionality: choose any group of products (via, category, manufacturer, color or any other) and change its length, height and width. 

    If shipment costs depend on length, width and height of the products and/or you have 1000+ products at Magento store, use bulk attributes editor to change dimensions of any product group at a time.


    Shipment Dimension Bulk Editor features:

    • easy product selection; 
    • ability to change length, width and height at once;
    • ability to change just one of this attributes 



    Make sure that length, width and height are part of your attribute set, to which your product belongs. If you don't have dimensions attributes - create them. If you do have those attributes - please, check their names at extension settings. 


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    Install the package via Magento connect. 

    Open Catalog > Product Dimensions. Choose a group of products for which you want to set the same width, length, and height. Then set the value for these attributes.

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