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Sample Product for Magento

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Sample product extension for Magento adds special button "Order sample" on product page. Boost your sales with this useful tool.
Extension Details


    Sample product extension for Magento

    Sample product extension for Magento is very useful tool for boosting your sales. A lot of online stores have one big disadvantage: customers can't try product before purchase. It is critical for shops that sell:

    • cosmetics;
    • fabrics;
    • wallpapers;
    • parfumes etc.

    Customers can touch fabrics and wallpapers, smell parfumes, try lipstick or creme at brick and mortar shops. A lot of them present samples of other products to customers, when they purchase smth, to make them buy more in future. So, online shop can offer the same service for their clients with our Sample Product extension for Magento. 

    If you have samples of your products and your clients need to try it before purchase, just give them such possibility!

    The extension  places special button on product page. When customer presses it, he adds Sample Product to his shopping cart and makes regular order.

    Sample product extension for Magento

    Admin can check this in orders grid. He will see name of product and other attributes of required sample. You may give samples for free, or set price for it – whatever you decide. 

    Sample product extension for Magento: orders grid

    Sample Product extension features

    • any price for the samples;
    • sample order option for certain products, product's types, stores;
    • one sample product for all attributes set;
    • sample products for determined attribute set;
    • any price (even for free) for samples shipping.

    Feature request

    Do you think our Sample Product extension for Magento could be enhanced with a certain feature? You are the reason we build extensions, and you make our extensions better. Please, feel free to email us any of your suggestions to

     Request demo of the extension


    Additional service:

    • free skype manual;
    • free support;
    • free installation.

    Go to Catalog > Manage Products > Add new product. Choose needed attribute set and point Simple product type and create Sample Product. Point all required fields: name, SKU, status (enabled), visibility etc.

    When customer presses "order sample" on certain product page, information of this product will be displayed on the order's page. You can use one Sample Product for all attributes set or make different items for each attribute, it depends on your website purposes.

    Sample product extension for Magento: order page

    After installation go to System > Configuration > Magen Magic extensions > Sample Product.

    Enable the extension in the first block. Point SKU of Sample Product for needed attributes set.

    Sample product extension settings

    Point needed stores and product types in the second block.

    Sample product extension settings step 2

    If you want to enable/disable button "order sample" on certain product page go to Catalog > Manage products, find needed product and choose Yes/No in the field Sample available.

Ask About

    Sample Product extension for Magento works with versions: 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3

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