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Product Image Attributes extension

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Import product images in bulk and set an automatic display mode.
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Extension Details


    Product Image Attributes extension for Magento adds images in bulk to products and displays them in the right way on store pages. The extension adds additional attributes for pictures that allow customers not only to see extra images but also to comment on them.

    Product Image Attributes display

    Product Image Attributes extension works with Magmi image importer and automizes displaying images on the frontend. All you need is to upload a CSV file (see Manual).

    Product Image Attributes Extension Feature

    • add text to image view;
    • automatic display setting;
    • configurable attributes;
    • image import from CSV.

    Product Image Attributes for Magento


    Go to System > Configuration > Mage Magic extensions > Product Images Attributes Labels. Then, set proper names for the attributes.

    Product Image Attributes extension settings

    Create a CSV file for importing images at your Magento store via Magmi.

    The CSV file must look like this:

    Product's SKU Media_Gallery


    The record (+/+/-/-/-/-/-/image2.jpeg;) shows the correlation between the image and the attributes.

    + means "set the checkmark for attribute";

    - means "don't set the checkmark for attribute".

    There should be 8 sections divided by /. 

    Product Image Attribute sections meaning:

    1. Exclude
    2. Media Additional Attribute 1
    3. Media Additional Attribute 2
    4. Media Additional Attribute 3
    5. Media Additional Attribute 4
    6. Media Additional Attribute 5
    7. Media Additional Attribute 6
    8. Image path.

    Note! There is one exception in the checkmarks setting. In the first section (Exclude) + means "don't set the checkmark for attribute", - means "set the checkmark for attribute". (According to standard Magmi option)

    Help and Support

    Additional services:

    1. free skype manual;
    2. free support;
    3. free installation.

    Feature request

    Do you think our Product Image Attributes extension for Magento needs improvements? Feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]

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