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Product Attributes Bulk Editor

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Change groups of products from one manufacturer to another or any other attribute in 3 clicks. Product Attributes Bulk Editor is a must-have for Magento stores that have 1000+ of products.


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Extension Details


    Product Attributes Bulk Editor allows changing product group attributes in one click. Although you can edit your attributes' values with Magento ou-of-box functionality, you can hardly do it if your group of products is based on Manufacturer, Category, Color, Price values. Our extension is a powerful tool that saves your time and helps to solve this problem in a simple way. It allows editing attributes' values on 1000+ pages by filtering them in a grid. 

    Product Attributes Bulk Editor Features

    • choose any group of products; 
    • choose products via Category + Option (Manufacturer, Weight, Visibility, Color, etc);
    • change any attribute for all selected products.


    Install the extension, go to System > Configuration > MagenMagic > Product Attribute Bulk Editor.

    There you should choose which attributes you want to change. Select a suitable value in the drop-down menu.

    Product Attribute Bulk Editor extension settings

    Go to Catalog > Product Dimensions > Product Attributes Bulk Editor.

    Choose products to edit, set Category, Attribute, and Attribute Value to do it. After that, select suitable information in target attributes that you've set in the extension settings.

    Select option Update not empty values only if you want to rewrite attributes. Press Update Value and get a list of updated products.

    Product attribute Bulk Editor process

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    Feature request

    Do you think our Product Attributes Bulk Editor extension for Magento needs improvements?  Feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]

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