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POS (Point of Sales)

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POS extension for Magento provides easily customizable pickup shipping for the stores with multiple points of sales. Supports multi-store.
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    POS for Magento (Point of Sales) is designed for big and mid-sized online stores with a net of pickup points. Let your customers choose where they can get the ordered items. The extension will help you to save the time of your managers and organize the delivery processes in an efficient way. When users order products they may choose one of the points of sales at the checkout page. It is quite easy and convenient for the customer. 

    POS (Point of Sales) for Magento Features

    • add a point of sales (name, address, worktime, email of administration, phone number);

    • set availability for each product in the different points of sales;

    • add pickup shipment method - choose its price - choose its name - customize the text for each point of sale;

    • notify your points of sales when customers request a pickup.


    Firstly, create a list of your offline shops. Go to Sales > Pickup Sales Points and add your offline stores there.

    Note! When you add pickup points in the admin area, they become available on the product pages at the selected websites. You have to add which product is available at a certain pickup point.

    Go to Catalog > Product Management > select a product > at General tab, find Sales Points filed > Save a product to specify which products are in stock at a certain offline shop.

    POS Extension Settings 

    Enable the extension and you will see the settings field. If pickup delivery is paid - set the price in the Price field.

    Don't forget to add information of work time, phone number, etc. if you want to show this info to your customers.

    Magento POS extension settings

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