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Quote Extension for Magento

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Create customer quotes and your own offers using templates.
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Extension Details


    Quote extension for Magento helps to create quotes for customers in the admin area, send them to customers and pay for them with minimum efforts: no authorization or guest fields required.*

    Quote Extension for Magento (Standard options (99$):

    • Create quotes from admin panel;
    • Set custom price, discount for the entire order;
    • Delete quotes any orders;
    • Send quotes to customers;
    • Customers pay quotes using their emails and accounts.

    Admin area:

    • Easy quote setup in admin area;
    • Email quote templates;
    • Delete quotes;
    • Edit quotes, keeping their numbers the same (no duplicates).

    Features for Customers:

    • Payments with no authorization (non-standard option);
    • Quick access to quotes and My profile without login (non-standard option);
    • Payments don’t require additional data;
    • Quote history.

    Quote Extension for Magento (non-standard options, it has to be bought in addition):

    Quick pay +19$. Add links to any page in quotes. It can be a user profile, a special page for non-authorized users, payment page, etc.

    Any shipping price +29$. Set any shipping price. The standard option doesn’t include this feature, it calculates the price according to a product, distance, destination, and other conditions.

    Common discount +19$. Set the common discount to a quote. Specify discounts in % or money’s worth (for example, 20$).

    Any payment method +19$. Send quotes to customers who use certain payment methods (credit card, PayPal, etc.)

    *Quick pay available only.


    Orders menu > "Is Quote" (there you can see all the quotes).

    Click Create New Order:

    • Select YES in the dropdown "Order Is Quote To Customer"
    • Select YES in the dropdown "Send Email Notification"
    • Select Quote Template in the dropdown "E-mail Template".
    • You can add your manager's email or customer's email at Cc E-mails.


    Quote extension settings step1


    Select a customer and press Add products, a product you want to offer and it's quantity. Press Add selected product(s) to order. In the section "Items ordered" set a price. Then, press button Update Items and Qty's


    Quote extension settings step2


    You can also set a coupon code in the section Apply Coupon code. Fill the necessary information in the sections Billing Address and Shipping Address. Choose a payment method for the customer (when the customer pays, the person is able to choose any payment method that is available at the usual checkout at your website).

    Choose Shipping Method or set up Custom Shipping Method:

    • Set name at "New Title" field and click "set" button
    • Set rate at "New Rate" field and click "set button

    Submit an order.

    A customer receives a quote and proceeds to:

    • My Profile page
    • My Quotes page
    • New Quote page


    The customer checks details and pays for a quote (no shopping cart and data completion). 

    Note! If you want to send an e-mail to a customer later, select "no" in the section Send e-mail notification before submitting the order. You can do it later by pressing the button Send Email on the order information page.


    Quote extension settings sending emails


    If you are not sure if notification to the customer is sent, you may check it in the section Comments History at the bottom of the quote page.


    Quote extension settings notification block


    Quote Extension for Magento Settings

    All you need is to select "Yes" in the field Active and "Yes" in the field Enable in the E-mail template section.


    Magento quote extension settings

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    Help and Support:

    Additional service:

    • free skype manual;
    • free support;
    • free upgrades.

    Contact us to request a demo.


    Please, feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]

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