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Banner Slider extension for Magento Zoom

Banner Slider extension for Magento

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Magento Promo Banner Slider Extension is a powerful marketing tool which allows to promote your best offers and products. If you would like to boost sales of some special product - use this unique magento extension.

This is one of the most easy customizable extension. Add banners and sliders wherever you like at your Magento store!


Extension Details


    Banner Slider extension for Magento will help you to emphasize the most important information about current offers at your store. This extension will help you to place banner on any page on your website. You don't have to place it manually in page's HTML-code. Just enable the extension and follow simple instructions.

    Banner Slider extension for Magento is quite easy to use. You can choose any place to plug it. You can use animation and set speed for sliders carousel for your Banner Slider. See Manual section to set the extension properly.

    If you would like to customize your Magento shop, please, feel free to request a quote.

    Banner slider extension for Magento features:

    • add text to the banner;
    • slider effects change;
    • any (all) pages placement;
    • cms pages placement.

    Our Banner Slider extension for Magento has a unique feature: you can show a banner to your store's staff on the CMS pages. It is quite useful for optimizing of the work process if you want to remind your employees to do some work. Also, you can add it as information block on certain pages. 

    Help and Support:

    Additional service:

    1. free skype manual;
    2. free support;
    3. free upgrades.


    Feature request.

    Do you think Banner Slider extension for Magento could be enhanced with a certain feature? You are the reason we build extensions, and you make our extensions better.

    Please, feel free to email us any of your suggestions to


    Installing of Banner Slider extension for Magento:

    • extract to root folder of you Magento.
    • clean your var/cash folder.


    *in case system asks you, if you would like to replace file, answer Yes.

    Creating galleries for your sliders and banners.

    • Go to CMS > Home Banners > Manage Items menu and click to Add Category


    Promo banner settings step1


    • Choose name of the Gallery (note: each gallery can be used for one banner or slider only) and Save item


    Promo banner settings step2


    • After that you will see the list of Galleries, click Edit to add images.


    • Choose Images section at menu on the left, and Upload images (you can use multiupload)


    Promo banner settings step4


    • When images uploaded, add links to them (enter full URL and click to Save Images Links) and add images to current Gallery by marking needed checkboxes and clicking to Save Current to this gallery.




    * you can use the same images for any other gallery.

    Now your banner or slider gallery is ready, and you can proceed to adding it to needed pages.

    Adding a banner to CMS Pages

    • Go to CMS > Pages and choose where you would like to insert Banner or Slider (Home page, about us, etc.).
    • Go to Content Item on the left menu of chosen page and choose place, where you would like to add Banner or Slider (you can choose it at editor, or directly in the code) and click to Insert Widget Icon.


    Banner creation step2


    • Find Promo Banner Slider widget and choose all needed options (Gallery, Speed, Animation, Direction, etc.)


    Banner creation step3


    • Insert Widget, save page and check results.

    Adding a banner to any other page of your template (Categories, product page, etc).

    • Go to Static Blocks and create your banner block as a widget (remember your identifier, as it should be used in the code)


    Adding banner to pages step 1


    • Go to MagenMagic Extensions section at System > Configuration and at Promo Banner Slider copy the code<block_id>Identifier *Change Identifier for the one you have entered when creating new static block.


    Adding banner to pages step 2


    • Open any  file of your template and insert your code.
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    If you would like to customize this extension or if you will need any help, please, feel free to ask, no matter if you have bought it or not.
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