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Magento Last Modified 304 Header (If modified since) Zoom

Magento Last Modified 304 Header (If modified since)

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The extension decreases server load, improves SEO by showing last modified tags to search bots, helps to manage Magento performance, and enhances user experience.
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$199.00 $149.00
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Extension Details


    Magento Last Modified extension stores the date of the last changes of any page (home page, category page, product page, etc.) and provides it to a user or any search crawler. If, since the last crawl, there are no changes, users and search bots download website pages from the cache. That’s how the extension decreases the server load. 

    Why Last Modified Is Important for Better Magento Performance?

    Whenever a search bot visits a website, it crawls its every page to update the website’s Search Index status. This process impacts your server load and page speed. If bots crawl non-changed pages, their overall performance impact is much bigger. Google says that it sets higher-ranks to websites that don’t waste the search engine’s resources.

    Last Modified extension solves this problem by showing crawl bots 304 Not Modified, which makes them not to scan this page and proceed to the next one. This way, they don’t increase the server load and traffic. Moreover, it allows users to download a website from their browser’s cache in the blink of an eye, boosting their user experience.


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