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Product Description for Magento

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Your Magento shop has a lot of products and descriptions? This extention helps you to use a general description for the category, and all products that are in it.

Extension Details


    Product Description for Magento allows placing the same description text on all pages in a category. There are a lot of cases when all products in the category have similar or almost identical functionality. The difference is shown in the table of the technical parameters as usual. There is no need to write description text for each page, it can be imported to the pages without it from the description of a category.

    If there is no product description, instead of an empty field will be displayed the description of the category. You don't have to edit every single product page.

    Magento product description extension features:

    • places text from the description of the category to product pages.


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    Feature request

    Do you think Product Description extension for Magento could be enhanced with a certain feature? You are the reason we build extensions, and you make our extensions better.


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    Use in combination with SEO Meta Tags extension!



    1. Catalog > Attributes > Manage attributes;
    2. Find in Attribute Code column "Description" attribute;
    3. In edition Product Attribute "Description" find "Values Required" item, and click "No";
    4. Filling of Description fields in the category;
    5. Catalog > Manage Categories;
    6. You can set the same "Description" or(and) "Product Description" fields for your products;
    7. Check please how it works in your website.
Ask About
    If you would like to customize this extension or if you will need any help, please, feel free to ask, no matter if you have bought it or not.

    *VERSION 1.3.0 is coming!*


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