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Fedex Return Label widget

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Fedex extension (Return Label widget) for Magento helps customers to get Return Label automatically via the online form without participating of the shop's manager.
Extension Details


    Automize returns on your Magento website with our Fedex Return Label extension.

    When customer wants to return his order it needs efforts from him and manager of shop. Customer gives information to manager, manager connects with Fedex, Fedex gives needed information to manager and finally he gives it to customer. It's quite complicated and long. It will be efficient to place simple online form, that customer has to fill when he wants to make return and let the extension do everything fast without participating of manager.

    Note! The extension is installed by our team!

    Fedex Return Label extension for Magento website requires some special information, it can be not so easy to set it. Our team will install it for free. Thus you can be sure that the extension works in a right way.

    Fedex Return Label Extension features:


    • different types of the label's delivering (image on the screen, link to the file, e-mail with pdf);
    • notifications for admin;
    • notifications for customers;
    • limits for the labels.


    Fedex extension (Return label widget) for Magento store is the best way to stay in touch with customers who decide to return their purchase. This Fedex extension for Magento shops solves two problems at a time:


    • it makes the process of return order easier both for store and customer;
    • it helps your customers to manage with process of return without manager’s consultation.


    One of the most important advantage of the extension on your website is the possibility to know the reason of return immediately. You don't need to make a call to your customer or to use other ways to find out what is not ok with goods. It will help to know about problems with product as soon as possible and save the reputation of your online store.

    How Fedex Return Label Extension for Magento store works?

    After installation you will get the possibility to place Fedex returning form wherever you like on your website. If customer wants to return some goods, he needs to fill this form. The extension will connect with Fedex and after this your customer will get Return Label. Fedex Return Label widget for Magento contains fields:


    • customer’s name;
    • address;
    • zip-code; city;
    • state;
    • phone;
    • e-mail;
    • label's type;
    • package count number of order;
    • reason of return.


    Customer has a possibility to choose suitable type of Fedex Return Label:


    • image on the screen;
    • link to pdf file on the screen;
    • link to pdf file sent by e-mail.


    When customer has filled the form and sent it, the administrator of your website will receive notification by e-mail with detailed information of return order.

    Here's the way that Fedex Return Label extension will look on your Magento website:

    Fedex Return Label widget


    Process of installation of Fedex Return Label extension quite simple:


    • download installation file;
    • open System>Magento Connect>Magento Connect Manager in admin area;
    • upload downloaded file on your website.


    Go to the extension setting in your Magento admin area (System-Configuration-MagenMagic extensions (left sidebar)-Fedex Return Label).

    You will see 7 blocks of the Fedex extension for Magento in your admin area after installation:


    • Common options (Default values)
    • E-mail alerts (admin)
    • E-mail return label (customer)
    • Fedex service options
    • Account
    • Shipper
    • Recipient


    Block Common options (Default values):


    • In this section you can point the directory in which images from Fedex will be saved;
    • text that will be shown to customer above Label's image or link;
    • limits of label's for customers.


    Fedex Return Label extension

    E-mail alerts block: If you want to receive alerts about requesting of Fedex Returning Labels you must point Yes in the field Enabled. You should point e-mail to which letters will be sent. If you point e-mail subject, this text will be shown in your e-mailbox. You will know what is letter about before you even open it. There is e-mail body template in the extension, but you can change it if you want.

    E-mail alerts block of Fedex Return Label extension

    E-mail return label (customer) block: Here you can change subject and template for letters to customer that set by default.

    Fedex service options block In the Invalid Order Number Error Message field you should point your own contact information. Also, you can point DEFAULT Order Weight Value (5 by default) and Package Count (1 by default).

    Fedex service options block of the module

    Recipient block: In this block you must point information about your company: name, phone number, address, country ID etc.

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    Fedex extension for Return Label Version 1.0.0

    Fedex Return Label extension with customer's information: address, state, city, zip-code, phone and order's number. Label's type: image on screen.

    Fedex extension for Magento Version 1.0.1


    • e-mail field;
    • label's type - pdf-file by e-mail.

    Fedex extension for Magento Version 1.1.1


    • field with information about reason of return.

    Fedex extension for Magento Version 1.2.2


    • label's type - pdf on the screen;
    • package count field.
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