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Customer Managers

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Extension allows to manage efficiently with customers and orders at Magento store.


Extension Details


    Customer Manager extension for Magento will help you to organize managers working process in a fast and efficient way. The extension is very useful for the stores that sell equipment, services, auto etc.

    As usual, every product in such type of shops has complicated functionality and wide set of properties. In this case, it is better to entrust the selling of the item to a certain manager who deeply knows all aspects of the product and its work.

    On the other hand, sometimes it is obviously better to assign a manager to the customer, especially if you sell some services via your Magento website (flat rent for example). Every customer has his own demands and wishes, so it is better both for the company and the customer to assign a certain manager for him. The manager will have a possibility to know better what the customer wants, get good relation and provide better quality service. If the customer always gets contact with different managers it may cause time loss because of a need for the manager to understand the situation.

    Customer Manager extension for Magento

    We offer an easy solution for the tasks described above. It is our Customer Manager extension that has these features:

    • customers can be assigned to a manager;
    • any products can be assigned to a manager.

    When customer orders a product, an email is sent to the manager of the product. If you assigned a manager to a certain customer, when the customer makes a purchase, notification will be sent to the manager.


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    Do you think Customer Managers for Magento could be enhanced with a certain feature? You are the reason we build extensions, and you make our extensions better.

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    After installation go to System >MagenMagic extensions >Customer Managers (Managers) in admin area. There you will see one option E-mail Template. Choose which template to use for sending letters to the manager.

    Main admin of website has access to a menu Customers > Managers. There could be created new managers and their information. You will see the list of all managers and will be able to create new, edit an old one. You may add Managers Name and his email.

    Creation of new manager in Magento admin area

    If you want to assign any product or customer to certain manager choose Manager products(or Manager customers) in the section Manager Information. Then:

      1. Point status "any";
      2. Press "search";
      3. Point needed product or customer;
      4. Press "Save".

    Assign manager to certain product

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