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Customer Managers

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Manage your customers and orders more efficiently.


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    Customer Manager extension for Magento helps to organize customer management in a faster and more efficient way. The extension goes well for stores that sell complex equipment, services, spare parts, etc. Mentioned products have complicated functionality and a broad set of properties. In this case, it's better to entrust selling these items to the manager who deeply knows all product aspects and how to utilize this product.

    On the other hand, sometimes it is better to assign a manager to a customer. For example, if you sell services via your Magento website (e.g., flat rent). If a customer always gets a different manager, it may cause time and client losses as the new manager doesn't know the client's requirements.

    Customer Manager extension allows managers to avoid these situations by:

    • assigning customers to managers;
    • assigning products to managers.

    For example, when a customer orders a product, an assigned manager gets a notification and contacts the user. If you assign managers to customers, managers get alerts when customers make purchases.



    Install the extension, go to System >MagenMagic extensions >Customer Managers (Managers). There you'll see the list of your managers. You can edit it, add new managers, delete the old ones. Here you can also select the template which managers will be getting. 

    Creation of new manager in Magento admin area

    If you want to assign any product or customer to certain managers choose Manager products(or Manager customers) in the Manager Information section:

    1. Set status "any";
    2. Press "search";
    3. Specify the needed product or customer;
    4. Press "Save".

    Assign manager to certain product

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