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Customer Exclusive Restricted Products

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Give a permission for purchasing exclusive products to customers with license or special promo code.


Extension Details


    Customer Exclusive Restricted Products extension for Magento allows setting permission for purchasing determined goods. Usually, our extension is used for:

    • the shops selling soft and solutions with license;
    • brands that offer limited collections and editions;
    • cosmetics shops providing special kits;
    • shops with rewarding programs for regular customers;
    • providing free samples for the customers who have bought smth;
    • items that are hard to sell.

    Customer Exclusive Restricted Products features:

    • code number generating for promo (access) when purchasing the product;
    • request of the code number when purchasing the product;
    • code number can be used many times;
    • manually create code number for promo (access);
    • give a permission for buying exclusive products for users with code number;
    • restrict purchasing exclusive products for other users.

    How dos Customer Exclusive Restricted Products work?

    You may create a pair (group) of dependent products. A customer gets the permission of buying A product only if he has already bought B product. It will be generated code number for a customer when he has purchased B product. When the customer is willing to buy A product, the system will request the generated code number. In a case of customer doesn't have the code, he won't be able to buy product A.

    The generated code number will be displayed in the order's details, so the customer will see it at his profile and e-mail message.


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    2. free support;
    3. free installation. 


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    Customer Exclusive Restricted Products instruction:

    Install the package via Magento Connect. Open System > Configuration > Magen Magic extensions > Lot Numbers.
    Choose when a code number should be generated by selecting order's status in the section General.
    Choose an exclusive product (the one that will be unavailable for purchase without a code number, product A) and set Asking Lot Number in the option Usage Lot Number. Then, create a custom option for entering a code number and mark it as required.

    Customer Exclusive Restricted Products

    Open System > Configuration >Magen Magic extensions > Lot Numbers > Product Option and point Product Option name and enable it.
    Open a product page which should create a code number in case of purchase (product B) and set Generate Lot Number in the option Usage Lot Number.
    When a customer has bought product B he will get a code number that will make product A available for purchasing.

    There will be a new section Lot Number in Catalog. There you can see all generated codes and attached customers. You may also create new Lot Number by pressing Add Lot Number and send it to a user.

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