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Buy in One Click extension

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Buy in One Click extension for Magento shortens the customer journey from the 1st view of the product to checkout. It suits well stores that sell complex products and need calling customers before any purchase.


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Extension Details


    Poor checkout experience often leads to cart abandonment. The more clicks customers need, the higher chances they leave an online store. We’ve developed an extension that reduces the number of clicks for purchase to two. It adds the “Buy in 2 Clicks” button to catalog and product pages, and shopping cart. 

    Magento Buy with One Click Extension Features:

    • quick purchase from any page (home, product, category);
    • quick purchase from a shopping cart (all added products).


    System >Configuration> MagenMagic extensions> 1 click buy

    It has only 2 blocks:

    • Popup configuration
    • Notification Configuration

    In the Popup Title field, you should place a text, a customer sees after an order is sent. Also, you can add a link to this message - it should be set in the sections below.

    In the field E-mail, set the address where notifications should be sent. In the field Template, select a notification template. Buy in 1 click extension settings

    That's How the Extension Looks Like on a Website:

    Buy in 1 click extension

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    *Installation included!!!


    Help and Support:

    Additional services:

    1. free skype manual;
    2. free support;
    3. free upgrades.

    Please, feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]

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Ask About
    If you would like to customize this extension or if you will need any help, please, feel free to ask, no matter if you have bought it or not.

    *VERSION 2.0 is coming!*

    • email notifications to admin;
    • ability to add a comment to a request;
    • ability to convert request to an order!

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