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Magento Last Modified 304 Header (If modified since) Zoom

Magento Last Modified 304 Header (If modified since)

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Magento Last Modified will store the last date when a page was changed and provide 304 response in the header to a user or Google bot if the page wasn't changed since the last visit! The extension decreases server load, helps to manage with Magento speed optimization and improve SEO ranking by providing last modified tag to search bots.
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$199.00 $149.00
Extension Details


    If Modified Since is an outstanding extension for Magento, that is absolutely necessary for all huge Magento stores, due to its huge impact on SEO of the website and even website performance.

    How the extension influence on Magento speed optimization?

    This extension automatically stores the date of last modification of the page (any cms page, home page, category page or product page) and provides it to a user or any search crawler. If the page wasn't modified since the last crawl - bot will get 304 response and page will be loaded from internal cache.

    Why Last Modified is important to make Magento work faster?

    Whenever Google bot, Bing bot or any other search spider hits your website - it starts crawling each page in order to update the website in Search Index. That has different impacts: it affects your server, it affects page speed and the most important - it takes unnecessary resources from google bot to crawl pages that were not changed.

    Matt Cutts personally wrotes that Google set a higher rank to well-optimized websites, those who are not wasting Google's resources (for example, with duplicate pages, etc).


    How will the extension solve your problems with Magento speed optimization?


    If the page wasn't modified since the last crawl of the bot - website will give 304 header, and a spider will proceed to a further page, without spending your server resources and traffic.

    Because of that, you will get higher rank at Google and Bing!


    Does this work with users?


    Yes, that same thing works with users. Your clients will appreciate Magento speed optimization. They won't need to wait, the page will open faster. If a user is visiting the page that wasn't modified since his last visit (and user's browser has a version of the page locally) - then the page will be loaded from the local user's browser cache. It means, that user will get the page loaded in milliseconds.

    You will improve Magento speed, server optimization, user experience and google's rank with our extension.


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    Additional service:

    • free skype manual;
    • free support;
    • free installation.


    Feature request

    Do you think our Last Modified extension for Magento could be enhanced with a certain feature? You are the reason we build extensions, and you make our extensions better. Please, feel free to email us any of your suggestions to


    How to test if modified since?

    You may use pages like that
    r, you may also open your website at FireFox browser, click F12 and choose "Network" tab. After that reload page 3-4 times. You should be able to see 304 response from your browser.

Ask About

    Please, fell free to ask any Magento SEO specific question, not only about if - modified - since feature.

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