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Inventory management extension provides an easy and fast way to control packages that you send to customers. Minimize the risk of sending wrong items by checking goods by SKU or UPC.
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Extension Details


    Inventory management extension for Magento helps to control which products you send to a customer. When you have a lot of similar products with different SKU or UPC, you need to check if you are going to send a package that matches the order. It helps you to avoid extra expenses on returns and spending time on putting items in order at your store. Consequences of sending the wrong product to a customer:

    • bad reputation among clients;
    • extra expenses;
    • the discrepancy between the real quantity of products at stock and at Magento store;
    • wrong data in your accounting and other problems.

    How Inventory Management extension for Magento works?

    When you package items, open the admin area and enter the order's number in the Verify Order tool. Then, you'll get a list of products you are going to pack. After that, you enter SKU or UPC of the item that you are planning to send, and the tool shows you if this item matches the order or not. You may enter the data manually or use a barcode scanner. If the entered information matches the order, you get a notification that the order is verified, and a unique label will appear in front of the Verified attribute on the order page.

    Inventory management extension: order attribute

    If the item's SKU or UPC doesn't match order (for example, products of the different consignment may have different SKU or UPC), but you are sure that you need to send it to the customer, you may press the Incorrect SKU (or UPC) button. This product will go to the new Incorrect SKU grid. You may take a look at this list later and decide what changes you need to make. In this case, the order won't get a Verified label.


    Inventory management extension: incorrect SKU grid


    Install the extension and set attributes for a check:

    Inventory management extension settings

    Go to Sales after installation. You will have 3 new options:

    • Verify order;
    • Verify order - mobile version;
    • Verify Order Incorrect SKU-s.

    If you find out products with incorrect SKU or UPC and press button Incorrect SKU/UPC, you'll add them to the last section. This section doesn't contain any items at the beginning.

    Choose Verify order (or Verify order - mobile version) to check the first order. You will see the Order Number field, enter the order number from your admin area here.

    Inventory managemant extension: order number

    Then, you'll see the list of products for this order. Enter SKU or UPC in the form. You'll see the message Verified in the bottom and the OK status if the item matches the. If this item doesn't match it, you'll see the Item doesn't match message and its status will be the same.

    If you are sure that SKU or UPC is incorrect, and you need to send this product to the customer, press button Incorrect SKU or UPC (depends on a parameter that is wrong).

    Inventory management extension: confirmation form

    If you check all products from the list and they match the order, you'll see the Verified label on the order page. 

    Inventory management Extension Features

    • check if SKU/UPC of product at stock matches products in order;
    • special Verified label on order pages;
    • product grid with incorrect SKU/UPC; 
    • mobile version for the Verify order tool. 

    Help and Support

    Additional services:

    • free skype manual;
    • free support;
    • free installation.

    Feature request

    Do you think our Inventory management extension for Magento needs improvements? Feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]

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