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Integrated CRM

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Integrated CRM extension for Magento allows you to manage communication with your clients and organize the customer service process in a more efficient way.


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Extension Details


    Integrated CRM extension for Magento is a powerful solution for managing customer data. Every online business has a specific approach to customer care, which includes work with unique customers' attributes, assigning tasks, reminding managers, task control, etc. Our Integrated CRM extension helps to deal with lots of data in an easy way.

    Our solution consists of three plugins:

     Together they solve lots of customer data management challenges :

    • creating any customers attributes according to business needs;
    • customer grid customization;
    • assigning managers to customers;
    • notifying managers about purchases;
    • creation of notifications;
    • hot reminder dedicated to customers who need personal attention.

    Integrated CRM Extension Features

    • add any type of customers' attributes: dropdown, date, yes/no, text and any other;
    • sort customers via attributes;
    • personalize customers grid;
    • add and assign managers/statuses to customers;
    • create smart notifications.


    This extension contains 3 modules:

    • customer attributes module;
    • notification module;
    • manager module.

    Customer attribute module

    Go to System > Configuration > Magen Magic extensions >MagenMagic Attribute, enable the extension. In the Additional attribute code field set attributes (section Attribute code in Attribute information) you want to have in the grid.

    Creating new customers' attributes:

    1. Select option Attribute in the Customer section;
    2. Press Add new attribute;
    3. Fill the fields in the Attribute information interface.


    Creation of customer attribute step 1


    Pay attention to the Catalog input type for the store owner field. There are 8 types of attributes you can create:

    • text field;
    • text area;
    • date;
    • yes/no;
    • multiple select;
    • dropdown;
    • price;
    • media image.


    In the Manage labels/options field, set Title (name) of your attribute. Then, set values. For example, if you want to create a favorite color attribute for a customer, set Title - Favorite color, in the Manage options field select green, blue, yellow, etc. (press Add option to create a new value).


    Creation of customer attribute step 2


    When you create an attribute you are able to see it in the Additional attributes tab in the Customer profile.

    Notification Module

    This module creates notifications popup for admins. 

    System > Configuration > MagenMagic extensions > MagenMagic Notify.

    Select YES in the Add notification of customer to Admin Notifications field. Also, specify Title of Admin notification - it will be displayed in the popup, and Target E-mails - the remainder will be sent to the addresses 

    There is one more option Send notification e-mail to a customer. If you don't need this option just select No. If you want to remind customers about something select Yes and specify the necessary text.

    Note! There is option Highlight Customer with notify. If you have processed customers and don't need them to be highlighted anymore - remove the notification date from the profile. Highlighting option cannot be used with option Show notify info in the grid at a time.

    Creation of notification for certain customer

    Go to Customers > Manage customers and choose any customer. You will see there Notify text and Notify Date fields. Fill them as you need.


    Notifications for customer


    Customer Manager Module

    Go to Customer > Managers. There you can add customers to your managers. Choose option Manager customer at the section Manager Information.

    1. Select status "Any";
    2. Press "Search";
    3. Select a customer;
    4. Press save.

    Go to System > Configuration >MagenMagic extensions > Managers and choose a template for notifications. 


    Assign customer or product to manager

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    Help and Support

    Additional services:

    • free skype manual;
    • free support;
    • free upgrades.


    Feature request.

    Do you think our Integrated CRM extension for Magento needs improvements? Feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]

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