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Magento buy one get one half off!

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The extension allows you to run effective "Buy One Get One Half Off" promotions on your Magento website. You can create your own Magento shopping cart price rules. Offer more discounts to customers and motivate them to buy goods.


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Extension Details


    Buy One Get One Half Off extension for Magento is an easy-to-use tool for sales boosting. With its help, you can run solid promotional campaigns:  

    • buy one get one free;
    • buy one get one with 50% discount;
    • buy 2 things and get 3rd for free etc.

    Magento Buy one Get One Half Off Extension Features

    • offer discounts for any subsequent item (Magento shopping cart price rules depend on your promotion offer);
    • works with configurable products (just set BOGO="yes" in configurable products);
    • works with any group of products (e.g. within certain categories or any other standard promo condition);
    • turn off tier price;
    • make turn on/turn off + % variable + announcement on product listing;
    • make BOGO block at home page Random on each load;
    • combines with other promo rules;
    • customize messages in the shopping cart and show customers their TOTAL BOGO discount in shopping cart and checkout;
    • show BOGO messages in the shopping cart if customers add only one product.


    Buy One Get One Half Off Popup

    Show information about promotions in popup banner and improve conversion by 50% using special effects.

    Users can see Popup in the Shopping Cart by adding 2 products and click on the “Add to Cart” button.


    Buy One Get One Half Off Allows Merchants to:

    • create groups of promotional products; 
    • use current products as promotional goods;
    • assign any discount for the second item;
    • make the second item FREE.


    You will also be able to customize messages in the shopping cart and show customers their TOTAL discount.


    Go to System>Configuration>MagenMagic extensions>BOGO (buy one get one free) Discount 

    Buy one Get One Half Off Magento extension has 3 blocks:

    • common options;
    • popup;
    • promotional;

    To activate extension choose Yes in the Active Bogo field.

    Common options block

    • In the section Customer Group, you may choose which category of customers will get a discount proposal.
    • Rate, % - gives you a discount amount. 100% will give each 4th product for free. 50% will give a 50% discount for each 4th product in the shopping cart.
    • Each of (Number) - tells the system which product have discounts (for example each 4th)
    • Product View Info Text - descriptional text, that can be displayed on the product page (we will add it upon installation to your template).
    • Product in Cart Info Text - descriptional text for the shopping cart.
    • Minimal Qty for Message in Cart - a minimal quantity of products in a cart for the BOGO message to show.
    • BOGO Attribute Code - should be left as it is.


    *In order to make just one promotional product, you should set the "Use BOGO category" to no > than go to your product in the admin area and in the tab "BOGO Discount" enable it. If you would like to make the whole category BOGO, then, you have to select YES in the "Use BOGO category", then go to the Category page in the admin area and set BOGO to Yes in the General tab. In that case, the user will be able to buy 4 different products from that category and get a discount on the cheapest.

    Popup block

    • Show popup on BOGO added to Cart - shows up an informational popup, when the user adds to cart promotional products.
    • Don't show popup after a timeout, secs - here you can set how long your popup banner should be shown.
    • Delay after autoclose popup, secs - additional time for the popup to be shown.


    Buy one Get one free extension settings


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    Help and Support

    Additional services:

    1. free skype manual;
    2. free support;
    3. free upgrades.


    Feature request

    Do you think Buy One Get One Half Off extension for Magento needs improvements? Feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]


Ask About
    If you would like to customize this extension or if you will need any help, please, feel free to ask, no matter if you have bought it or not.

    Change logs:

    Version 1.0.1

    Motivate to buy more!

    Even if the customer wants to buy one item in your store, in the shopping cart he will see the message

    "If you'll buy two or more products, you will get a discount!"


    Version 1.1.0

    An ability to choose which items of the bill will have a discount.


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