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Cache Control Header

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Cache Control Header extension for Magento will help to set correct work with CloudFlare.
Extension Details


    Cache Control Headers extension for Magento sets correct HTTP headers value (cache-control and pragma) according to your shop structure.

    Cache Control Headers features:

    • configurable Cache-Control header value;
    • configurable Pragma header value;
    • settings for the certain type of pages.

    The faster your website work the better experience your users get. Good user experience lefts positive impression of your Magento shop and it makes customers return to it and purchase again. Also, Google crawlers pay a lot of attention to the page's load speed and the less it is the better ranking your web page will have. One of the necessary solutions is a correct cache setting. Browsers and different applications for caching uses HTTP headers to determine if it can cache certain pages or the rule for the caching.

    One of the most important headers is Cache-Control. It determines how, where and when the page should be cached. There are several values for the header:

    • no-cache;
    • no-store;
    • max-age;
    • public;
    • private.

    Each value is used for certain purposes. No-cache signals that if the request is sending to the same URL again, the response can be taken from the cache after changes checked. No-store signals that the response shouldn't be cached anytime. This value is used for the pages that contain confidential information. Max-age is a value that is used for time limits for the cache (for example, max-age=30 (sec)).

    Cache Control Header extension for CloudFlare

    Today, one of the most popular services for faster content delivery and website security is CloudFlare. It has a lot of features and one of them is pages caching. But our clients ask us for help saying that cache isn't working on their Magento websites in CloudFlare. The problem is in the parameter no-cache that Magento system sends with HTML document. Our Cache Control extension for Magento helps to set necessary headers for correct work with CloudFlare service.


    See the screenshots under the product page image.

    HTTP header values for Magento

    Choose if you want to set required value for certain pages by choosing Yes in the first field. Then point the value for Cache-Control Header in the second field. In the field Full Action pages, point which type of pages should contain the new value (follow the instructions under the row).

    In the section Pragma Header point needed values the same way as for Cache Control. But note that there are no directives as for Cache-Control header. Magento systems send Pragma: no-cache by default. For the correct work of ClouFlare service, this header should differ from no-cache value.

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