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Attribute Value Changer

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Change attributes in a large number of products with one action. No more routine work and time expences.
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    Attributes Value Changer extension for Magento 2.0 is a fast and convenient tool for editing attributes value at a go. The module set needed color, size, material or any other attribute for the determined products. It saves a lot of time in comparison to doing such work manually. Moreover, you can be sure that no item will be skipped because after changes submission there will be a notification with the number of updated products.

    How does Attributes Value Changer work?

    It changes attributes' value in products according to chosen conditions. For example, if you want to set leather as a material for all bags (shoes, gloves, etc.) of NN brand, you will point Material=Leather for Brand=NN conditions.

    See the step by step screenshots.

    • Open Stores > Attributes > Bulk Attribute Editor at your Magento 2 admin area. Select Attribute set of the products that you're going to edit. Press Add Attribute button and select required attributes (the value of which you want to set for determined products). Press Add Selected and close this window.
    Attributes Value Changer for Magento 2.0
    • Choose the value(s) of the attribute(s) that you want to set.
    Attributes Value Changer settings
    • Open section Conditions. Press the green button and determine the conditions (select the products that should get chosen attribute value at the 1st step).
    Change products attributes at Magento 2.0
    • Press Save Attributes. You'll see the message with the number of updated items. Check the result on a product page – see the value of the attribute that has been changed.

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