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EVS Age Verification

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EVS Age Verification helps to avoid selling products for adults to minors.
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Extension Details


    The extension is developed only for EVS users, a system that checks customer data to ensure that a customer can purchase products for adults.  

    What Does EVS Age Verifying Extension Do?

    When users sign up on your Magento website and enter personal data, our extension connects with EVS, and this service checks the received data. After that, there may be two scenarios:

    • A user passes the verification process and can make purchases on your website.
    • A user fails the verification process, and the next page appears: 


    Confirmation banner of age verifying extension


    The user should download a scan of the document. Then, an admin will see a notification in the admin area, the admin may prove or reject the registration.

    EVS Age Verification Extension Features

    • EVS connection via API;
    • age verification for old users (can be disabled);
    • verification banner in checkout;
    • reminder for customers to finish their registration;
    • notifications for admins.

    Benefits of EVS Age Verification Extension

    • you don't need to check every order manually;
    • you may be sure that you get information about a real person;
    • your store will have minimum risks of having problems with minors.

    Request demo 


    Go to System > Configuration > MagenMagic extensions > Age Verify.

    You will see 5 blocks there:

    • General Settings
    • Verification for old register users
    • Emails
    • Tags
    • Credentials

    Enable the extension and insert path for redirects in General Settings. You may allow old users not to pass verification. In the second block select Yes and insert a date in the field Up to (all users registered before this date allowed not to confirm their age).

    In the Emails section, choose templates of letters for different types of emails. Pay attention to the last two fields in this section: Number of days and Cron expression. Here you set when the user should get a reminder letter. For example after 5 days from the registration. In the Cron expression section, you should choose how often the information about the last visit should be checked.


    Settings of Age verifyong extension


    In the Tags section, set the text that shown to customer on different steps of verification.

    • Fields Verification tag, File Upload tag, No Verification tag will be displayed in user account and they reflect the status of the verification process.
    • Field Text for register tooltip contains text which will be displayed in tooltip on the confirmation page.
    • Field Text Customer Exist Verification contains text that will be shown on the checkout page for customers who haven't finished the verification process and should add a scan of the document.
    • Field Text for Upload tooltip contains text that will be displayed in the tooltip when the user uploads file.
    • Field Text for checkout popup contains the text for the banner.
    • Field Text Customer wait for Approved contains the text for customers who have downloaded a scan of the document, but their registration wasn't approved by admin.
    • A user who hasn't finished verification will see link to confirmation page in checkout. Set text for this link in the field Link text for existing user.

    In the Credential section, fill in the information from your EVS account.

    Help and Support 

    Additional services:

    • free skype manual;
    • free support;
    • free installation.

    Feature request

    Do you think our EVS Age Verification needs improvements? Feel free to email us any of your suggestions to [email protected]

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