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Add to Cart Popup

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Improve user experience at Magento shop by showing a popup when a user adds a product to shopping cart.
Extension Details


    Add to Cart Popup extension for Magento will help you to organize efficient site interaction with a user. There is no need to show the same information to different users. Experience has shown that banners affect positively on the number of purchases if a website shows visual messages according to customers' interests, preferences etc. But this information is hard to get.

    You have a great opportunity as a Magento shop owner to show suitable popup when a customer presses Add to cart button. Our solution is created for the purposes of increasing sales.

    Add to Cart Popup extension features:

    • quick enabling/disabling;
    • quick edit from the CMS > Static blocks;
    • set any block id to show;
    • show any banner type (popup, ajax, iframe).

    When a customer adds a product to shopping cart, you can show them messages according to their action. These messages can be connected with discounts according to payment method, shipping method, rewards for a profile's registration and etc.

     The way it may look like after pressing Add to cart:

    Add to cart popup for Magento

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    Additional service:

    • free skype manual;
    • free support;
    • free installation.

    Feature request

    Do you think our Add to Cart Popup extension for Magento could be enhanced with a certain feature? You are the reason we build extensions, and you make our extensions better. Please, feel free to email us any of your suggestions to


    Open System > Configuration > Banners and Popup. Enable the extension and point the name of the ID of Static CMS block that should be used for banner's showing.

    Add to Cart Popup for Magento settings

    There will be several of new static blocks after the installation of the extension:

    • banner_below_add_to_cart_button - you can add images to this block and redesign it.
    • banner_below_add_to_cart_button_w_popup - this block can be used for displaying small size popup banners.
    • banner_below_add_to_cart_button_w_popup_iframe - sometimes, there can be a need of loading of the content from the created page. We've added this block for some specific purposes. 
    • banner_below_add_to_cart_button_w_ajax_popup - this block can be used for big size banners with ajax.

     The example of a new static block in the admin area:

    Add to Cart Popup extension: the example of a new block

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